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Friendship Has Never Been Sweeter

Steam Pug Vision Dog


Poochy Doos is a fun pet sitting, dog walking, and dog hiking company servicing the pet care needs of pet lovers in Fort Collins and Loveland. Our vision of care is centered around the principles of health, happiness and peace of mind!

Here at Poochy Doos, we take pride in being “your best friend’s friend!”

Meet Our Friends

Friendship is the genesis of Our Story and the reason why we exist. We want to be a good and trustworthy friend to your pets. Along the way, we’ve made a lot of friends in the community who share our values and ideals. Please meet our friends! They are champions of animal welfare and advocacy in our community.

Animal House is a no-kill rescue finding dogs their forever homes! We privileged to be community partners and close friends of Animal House. Animal House is a non-profit organization which relies on community support and generous, volunteers. We are proud to have their alumni as pet sitting and dog walking clients! Please contact them to volunteer your time, resources or money!

Cathie Lee, ABCDT is the owner/operator of K9 Wisdom and a personal friend of Poochy Doos, LLC. We have watched Cathie in action with dozens and dozens of dogs, all with different backgrounds and training challenges. We have yet to see a situation unequal to her mastery and skills. Cathie is very knowledgable and personable and her training methods are fun and use positive reinforcement to engage dogs on a cognitive level. Cathie has multiple group classes and also does one-on-one consults in the comfort of your home. We love providing pet sitting services and daily dog walking to the well-trained alumni of K9 Wisdom! Why wait? Give Cathie a call today!

The Fort Collins Cat Rescue is a local shelter & rescue giving thousands of cats a second chance at life! Supported by the community and dozens of volunteers, Fort Collins Cat Rescue hosts numerous events in the local community throughout the year. We are proud to have their alumni as pet sitting clients! Please contact them to volunteer your time, resources or money!

Lorry Schmitz, Owner/Operator
Providing professional local/international transport for animals of all types. Lorry is a true pro and has a great reputation in the community!
Anytime, anywhere…24/7/365.

Mindy Sherwood is a professional, freelance artist who specializes in pet portraits and cartoons. She is the artist for Mweor, a fun, interactive online game and has also created art on commission for various websites and online games. From watercolor to digital media, Mindy goes in depth and captures the heart of her subjects. Poochy Doos, LLC hired Mindy to integrate our brand into a logo in May of 2014, which resulted in our current logo. Mindy frequents art shows and has a strong local and online following. Mindy is a great friend of ours and is a veteran Poochy Team Member. Contact her today to capture your pet in a unique piece of art!

Having a hard time getting your dog or cat to even look at camera, let alone capture a keepsake photo? Call Monique today! Monique is the owner/operator of Silver Paw Studio and a personal friend of Poochy Doos, LLC. With nearly 15 years in the veterinary industry and years working as a professional photographer, opening the only pet portraiture studio in town was the inevitable fruition of both her skill and passion. When she’s not volunteering her photographic talents at Animal House Rescue, Larimer Humane Society or the Fort Collins Cat Rescue, she is doing photo shoots around town. Monique has a quiet, intuitive way around pets that brings out the curious, trusting and playful nature of her furry, fuzzy and feathered subjects. At your house, or at a location of your choosing, she’ll bring her studio directly to you! Her years of pet photography experience and special techniques will guarantee you’ll have a one-of-a-kind, timeless treasure you’ll be proud to display!

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