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Animal Rescue

Quad Rock 50 Race

Quad Rock 50 Race, Rockin BBQ & Fire Dancing
Saving Dogs One Hungry Athlete at a Time!
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Animal House Rescue was on hand for the second annual Quad Rock 50 Race, grilling up burgers and dishing out veggie Tambuli to hungry athletes and their adoring families, friends and admirers.

Gnar Runners put on this amazing endurance trail race at Lory State Park this past Saturday.  The event boasted over 176 runners finishing the 25-mile leg and 111 finishing the 50-mile course! Holy Cow! These runners are fit, fun and friendly!

Animal House Rescue organized the BBQ for the event which included hamburgers & chips, black bean burgers & veggie salads, and even gourmet drinks and home-made cookies.

Undeterred by charcoal that refused to stay lit, volunteers from Animal House, led by Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire Kim Clarkson, did a "fire dance" and somehow managed to serve up over two-hundred burgers. Many thanks to all the hungry folks who so patiently waited to get served! This was one classy event, all the way around!

The fun people, cool dogs and groovin' band were only improved by the immanently drinkable Quad Rock 50 Remittance Ale, brewed special for the occasion by Pateros Creek!  Hats off and cheers!  Note to self:  "Come back next year for the best time ever!"

All proceeds from the BBQ went to support Animal House Rescue, a no-kill dog rescue located in north Fort Collins.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for supporting Animal House Rescue!

Call Animal House today to see how you can help support its mission of Less Lives Lost!

(970) 224-3647

Choice City Comedy Nite

Choice City Comedy Nite 
by: Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Join Poochy Doos, LLC in supporting Animal House Rescue by attending its 2nd Annual Choice City Comedy Nite: Sit! Stay! Speakeasy! fundraiser, April 13th from 6:30 - 10:00 at Lincoln Center, Canyon West Ballroom, 417 West Magnolia Street, Fort Collins.

This fun event will feature national and local comedians, (including Brandt Tobler as seen on Comedy Central) jazz music, heavy appetizers, cash bar, giveaways, prizes, success stories from local adopters, and of course some adorable puppies! 

This is your opportunity to give back to Animal House Rescue who has given so much to our local community and the thousands of animals they've given a second chance of life to. This is their biggest fundraiser of the year and will set the stage for their continued growth and success.  

Ticket prices are $35 in advance with discount pricing available for groups of four or ten. Prices include entry, appetizers, and hours of fun and laughter!

Need more info? Please see their website, phone Ali Eccleston: (970) 224-3647 or e-mail Ali with your questions

St. Cat-ricks Day

Fort Collins Cat Rescue Adoption Fair
St. Cat-rick's Day
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic will be holding its quarterly Adoption Fair March 16th in the classroom at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park featuring adoption specials for kitties age 6 months and older.

Foster volunteers who have been taking care of the kitties will be on site to share information about the little fuzz balls, including habits, personalities, environment, diet and play. 

The adoption fee for these kitties is a very affordable $20.00. If you're interested in a more mature cat, cats 1 year and older can be adopted for $10.00. 

Their first rescue event in December was extremely successful with the adoption of 27 cats and kittens in only three hours. 

This is a great opportunity for folks to visit with kitties not normally housed and and readily available at the Shelter. With over 60 volunteers, the Shelter is able to house and care for over 150 cats, making it a very impressive organization and valuable community asset!

Be sure to come out for this fun event and show your support!

Need more info? Please check out their website or call them at: 970-484-8516! 

Dog Rescued from Frigid Pond

Dog Rescued from Frigid Pond in North Fort Collins
By:  Mary Watterson, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter & Trail Guide

Arriving home early this evening, around 4:30, I followed a Larimer County firetruck, dispatched from Country Club & Terry Lake Road, almost to my doorstep. They pulled in next door and were soon joined by two Sherriff's Department vehicles, another fire engine, and an ambulance. Everyone headed for the partially frozen pond next to my house, just East of Terry Lake.

Parking, I hurriedly walked back and arrived at the shore just in time to see a rescue worker sliding across the ice on his stomach, before plunging in to the icy water near a large, struggling dog. 

After just a short while, the rescuer had the dog's front legs under his forearm, and rescuers on the shore began to pull both of them in using a safety line. Myself and a bystander both gasped, as the dogs head went under the water for approximately five seconds as it neared the shore.

With one final heave from rescuers on shore, they were safely out of the water! I went to the dog to try to get a feel for his body temperature. We were rubbing the dog and the poor thing was just ice, ice cold. It was soon apparent that the dog was hypothermic. The poor dog was shivering, seemed confused and had difficulty trying to stand. 

They rushed the dog to the CSU Emergency Vet Hospital. I gave them my card, as I believe the dog belongs to one of my neighbors behind the pond. I understood from a rescue worker who called me enroute to CSU that they didn't know who the dog's owner was.  They said they would call CSU to inform them.

I sent a brief news release to Channel 9 News with photos in the hopes they would air pictures of the dog. Hopefully someone will see these pics and be able to notify the owner!  The dog looked to be some sort of Pyrenees-cross. 

Please pass this news on to your friends. Hopefully the community can help identify this poor dog! And a big, big "thank you" to all the rescuers! I had no idea the Fire Department came out to rescue dogs!

UPDATE:  As of 7:30pm, sources at CSU Vet Hospital say her temperature is now up to 96 degrees, she has a small puncture wound, and they think she'll be just fine! Also, they found the owner!  YAY!!  Thanks to everyone who spread this story around!

Alley Cats Bowling Night

Alley Cats Bowling Night
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Leave it to our friends at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue to come up with a fun way to support their mission!

Introducing Alley Cats Bowling Night 2012, a great evening of bowling, food, fun and prizes to benefit the Fort Collins Cat Rescue!

The fun begins at 5:00 pm on 4/15/2012 and includes all of the above, plus 3 games of bowling and the cost of your shoes - all for the low price of $22.00!

There is currently space for 24 teams of 6, or 144 people. Groups smaller than six will be partnered with other small groups or individuals - affording folks the great opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

The deadline to register is 4/14 and no sales can be taken at the door for this event. Register early to insure your support!  Please be sure and have your bowlers' names and shoe sizes when registering. This will allow them to have the TV screens set up and your shoes waiting for you at your lane.

Join all the cool cats in supporting the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and register/pay online today by visiting:

Or stop by for a visit with your check or cash at: 2321 E. Mulberry Street #1, Fort Collins, CO 80524. Payments by mail must be received no later than April 14th.

A big thank you shout out to Chipper Lanes North for hosting the event! Chipper Lanes North
830 N. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Questions?  Contact: bowling@fortcollinscatrescue.org.