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Ann Jones, CPPS Certified
"On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!
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Ann Jones, CPPS Certified

Congrats to Ann on her CPPS Certification!
By Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

As many of you have probably noticed, our website is now sporting the Pet Sitters International's CPPS Certification Logo, thanks to Ann.

CPPS stands for Certified Professional Pet Sitter. The Program is an in-depth educational coursework that has been crafted exclusively for pet sitters, to insure they are at the forefront of cutting-edge pet-care practices. 

The coursework was developed with input from the most knowledgeable professional in the pet-care industry. 

Graduates have a comprehensive, well-rounded knowledge on a wide variety of species - from dogs and cats to reptiles, amphibians and more.

The curriculum includes topics on:
  • Pet Care
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Additional Services
  • Business & Office Procedures

With her certification, Ann joins a handful of professionals in the Country who have undergone this rigorous Program.

Congratulations Ann! You rock The Poochy!

"On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!

On PetMed w/Bags full of  Shelter Dog's Fixins!
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

As the Christmas gift-giving season comes to a close and we get ready to ring in the new year with vegie-infused water and beef drizzled Milkbones, our hearts have been warmed here at The Poochy (despite the snow) by a large, professional business with an equally large, small-town heart.
PetMeds slid down our chimney a few days ago bearing a gift bag filled with various and sundry boxes of different sizes, shapes and smells. They needed our help! Having heard of our community partnership with Animal House Rescue (they follow Bella Dog on Twitter) they needed to make sure the items got to all the good dogs at Animal House Rescue!
Although we’ve known about PetMeds great products, professional pharmacy, and commitment to continuing education, we had no idea they were Secret Santas donning white capes and bright red tights. It seems they volunteer for Santa throughout the year to spread health, happiness, and all around good cheer to shelters in need.
With the rescue world being so full of hard knocks and tough tales, it's great to know that there’s a business out there that truly cares about those they’ve pledged to serve.
Not surprisingly, PetMed has millions of satisfied clients. They’ve been recognized for their excellence by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, enjoy an A+ Better Business Bureau reputation, and their full array of excellent, affordable products can be shipped right to your front door – frequently free-of-charge.  
Want to support your local shelters? Put your money where your paws are and get to know the great work PetMed is doing right in your local community!

Quad Rock 50 Race

Quad Rock 50 Race, Rockin BBQ & Fire Dancing
Saving Dogs One Hungry Athlete at a Time!
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Animal House Rescue was on hand for the second annual Quad Rock 50 Race, grilling up burgers and dishing out veggie Tambuli to hungry athletes and their adoring families, friends and admirers.

Gnar Runners put on this amazing endurance trail race at Lory State Park this past Saturday.  The event boasted over 176 runners finishing the 25-mile leg and 111 finishing the 50-mile course! Holy Cow! These runners are fit, fun and friendly!

Animal House Rescue organized the BBQ for the event which included hamburgers & chips, black bean burgers & veggie salads, and even gourmet drinks and home-made cookies.

Undeterred by charcoal that refused to stay lit, volunteers from Animal House, led by Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire Kim Clarkson, did a "fire dance" and somehow managed to serve up over two-hundred burgers. Many thanks to all the hungry folks who so patiently waited to get served! This was one classy event, all the way around!

The fun people, cool dogs and groovin' band were only improved by the immanently drinkable Quad Rock 50 Remittance Ale, brewed special for the occasion by Pateros Creek!  Hats off and cheers!  Note to self:  "Come back next year for the best time ever!"

All proceeds from the BBQ went to support Animal House Rescue, a no-kill dog rescue located in north Fort Collins.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for supporting Animal House Rescue!

Call Animal House today to see how you can help support its mission of Less Lives Lost!

(970) 224-3647

Dog Hiking with Poochy Doos, LLC

Dog Hiking with Poochy Doos, LLC
by Ann Jones, Senior Trail Guide

Fort Collins is an excellent place to live for outdoors enthusiasts and for folks that are dog parents. Our wonderful trail system is something that dogs enjoy and derive great benefits from, as it provides great access to exploring new places, smelling new things, and building positive social bonds. The physical exercise, the brain stimulation, and the resulting positive emotional effects from a great dog hike are all outcomes that we all would want for our dogs.    

Although walking dogs in the neighborhood is very beneficial for you and your dog, it can become redundant and routine if that is all we do.  Your dog also needs some variety in his life – new scents to smell, interesting terrain, and natural turf and dirt to walk on instead of cement. Just like us, dogs need new experiences and a little fun now and then. Hiking with your dog gives him a mini vacation from his daily routine.

Likewise, dog hiking is a great way to combat boredom. Boredom is a primary reason why dogs may become destructive, temperamental, bark or whine, or even gain weight. If this sounds like your dog, a dog hike is just the activity they need to perk them up and burn-up all of that pent up energy – especially true of younger, energetic dogs.

If you're really busy or work full time, hiking with your dog may be relegated to weekends – which are already full of things you want to do and not enough time to do them in.  That’s where we can help! We are trained trail guides familiar with all of the trails in our local area, and we are certified in pet CPR and First Aid. We provide 1-4 hours of pure dog hiking fun in various urban, natural area and foothill locations. You can choose the dog hike that suits your dog’s energy, fitness level and your wallet!  See our dog hikes!

We’ll pick your dogs up, have a fun ride together to the trail head, go hiking, exploring & playing together and then send you a digital record of your dog’s hike. You get geo-tagged pictures, complete with a map and notes of your dog’s adventure delivered same-day, right to your in-box. We provide bottled spring water, treats, plenty of individualized attention and lots of love. Your dog’s hike will conclude with another fun car ride home – often with a very tired or sleeping dog relaxed in the back!

So, at the end of your busy day, you've accomplished even more than you thought you could, plus you get to come home to a very happy, relaxed and tired dog!  What could be better than that?!

Call and reserve your dog hike today! 

Shameless Cones

Shameless Cones
Rehab in Style
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Bella, being highly interested in fashion, was recently searching her Haute Couture Haunts on Twitter, when she was introduced to Shameless Cones.  
Having had to wear an appalling plastic cone herself after an accident at the pedicurists, she immediately started Following them and they soon became friends.

Shameless Cones is a family-owned business that was bright enough to ask the question: "Why do e-collars have to be so butt ugly?"  Soon afterward, their newly launched R & D Department (comprised of various and sundry dogs) came back with the answer: "They don't." 

And so they launched an e-collar business they aptly named "Shameless Cones." Bella's favorite is the Sunflower design, featured below on a very happy dog!

Why, you may ask (besides them looking so cool) are colorful e-collars a plus for your dog? Well, that again, goes back to the genius of Shameless. You see, knowing both dog behavior and dog-owner behavior, they knew that owners respond emotionally to their pets. Seeing your beloved pet in an ugly, e-collar may illicit such thoughts as: "Man, you poor pathetic dog!" or "I'm so sorry I have to do this to you!" or, worse still: "It must suck to be you!" Needless to say, they were right! Our energy translates directly to our dogs.

I guarantee if you put your dog (or cat) in one of these cool cones you'll have nothing but smiles and positive energy oozing from your body. In fact, you may even start to wag! 

We hope you support our good friends at Shameless Cones. Please visit their great website to see all of their cool products. Personally, we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Bella is hoping to see a Court Jester line. Bailey wants an NFL line...

Be sure to forward this post to your vet so they too can spread the happiness. Rehab does not have to be a bummer when you accessorize it with a Sunflower Cone!