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Ann Jones, CPPS Certified
"On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!
Run Fur Fun 5K
Quad Rock 50 Race
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Pet Community News

Ann Jones, CPPS Certified

Congrats to Ann on her CPPS Certification!
By Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

As many of you have probably noticed, our website is now sporting the Pet Sitters International's CPPS Certification Logo, thanks to Ann.

CPPS stands for Certified Professional Pet Sitter. The Program is an in-depth educational coursework that has been crafted exclusively for pet sitters, to insure they are at the forefront of cutting-edge pet-care practices. 

The coursework was developed with input from the most knowledgeable professional in the pet-care industry. 

Graduates have a comprehensive, well-rounded knowledge on a wide variety of species - from dogs and cats to reptiles, amphibians and more.

The curriculum includes topics on:
  • Pet Care
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Additional Services
  • Business & Office Procedures

With her certification, Ann joins a handful of professionals in the Country who have undergone this rigorous Program.

Congratulations Ann! You rock The Poochy!

"On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!

On PetMed w/Bags full of  Shelter Dog's Fixins!
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

As the Christmas gift-giving season comes to a close and we get ready to ring in the new year with vegie-infused water and beef drizzled Milkbones, our hearts have been warmed here at The Poochy (despite the snow) by a large, professional business with an equally large, small-town heart.
PetMeds slid down our chimney a few days ago bearing a gift bag filled with various and sundry boxes of different sizes, shapes and smells. They needed our help! Having heard of our community partnership with Animal House Rescue (they follow Bella Dog on Twitter) they needed to make sure the items got to all the good dogs at Animal House Rescue!
Although we’ve known about PetMeds great products, professional pharmacy, and commitment to continuing education, we had no idea they were Secret Santas donning white capes and bright red tights. It seems they volunteer for Santa throughout the year to spread health, happiness, and all around good cheer to shelters in need.
With the rescue world being so full of hard knocks and tough tales, it's great to know that there’s a business out there that truly cares about those they’ve pledged to serve.
Not surprisingly, PetMed has millions of satisfied clients. They’ve been recognized for their excellence by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, enjoy an A+ Better Business Bureau reputation, and their full array of excellent, affordable products can be shipped right to your front door – frequently free-of-charge.  
Want to support your local shelters? Put your money where your paws are and get to know the great work PetMed is doing right in your local community!

Run Fur Fun 5K

Animal House Rescue ColoRadness Style
By Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

The Poochy Crew was out and about this weekend supporting Animal House Rescue and Grooming, in its "first- time-ever-many-more-to-come "Run Fur Fun" at Spring Canyon Park! This was a indeed a fun furry run for the entire family, pet-parents and dog-lovers included. A big thanks to Hank's Pet Food Market in Loveland for putting on the event!

In their usual grand style, Animal House volunteers got up at the crack of dawn and turned out in droves to make sure the course was well-marked, staffed with smiling faces, and stocked with plenty of water - and water bowls! Likewise, they had several adoptable dogs there, including Sam...one of our favorites! Everyone was waggy!

Mother Nature was benevolent and provided a beautiful day for the 100 dogs and the 141 dog-digging peeps who participated. Together, they raised over $5,000 to benefit the Behavior and Enrichment Program at Animal House.

Kim Clarkson, Volunteer Coordinator, was seen blowing kisses to all the many sponsors and volunteers who made the event possible. As the fun was winding down and folks were gearing up for mimosas & pancakes she was already looking forward to making next year's run "even better."  

Speaking on behalf of The Poochy, it's hard to improve on perfection! Great job Animal House! Thanks for all the great work you do for the fuzzy friends in our community!

Call Animal House Rescue and Grooming today to see how you can volunteer: (970) 224-3647  

Quad Rock 50 Race

Quad Rock 50 Race, Rockin BBQ & Fire Dancing
Saving Dogs One Hungry Athlete at a Time!
by Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Animal House Rescue was on hand for the second annual Quad Rock 50 Race, grilling up burgers and dishing out veggie Tambuli to hungry athletes and their adoring families, friends and admirers.

Gnar Runners put on this amazing endurance trail race at Lory State Park this past Saturday.  The event boasted over 176 runners finishing the 25-mile leg and 111 finishing the 50-mile course! Holy Cow! These runners are fit, fun and friendly!

Animal House Rescue organized the BBQ for the event which included hamburgers & chips, black bean burgers & veggie salads, and even gourmet drinks and home-made cookies.

Undeterred by charcoal that refused to stay lit, volunteers from Animal House, led by Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire Kim Clarkson, did a "fire dance" and somehow managed to serve up over two-hundred burgers. Many thanks to all the hungry folks who so patiently waited to get served! This was one classy event, all the way around!

The fun people, cool dogs and groovin' band were only improved by the immanently drinkable Quad Rock 50 Remittance Ale, brewed special for the occasion by Pateros Creek!  Hats off and cheers!  Note to self:  "Come back next year for the best time ever!"

All proceeds from the BBQ went to support Animal House Rescue, a no-kill dog rescue located in north Fort Collins.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for supporting Animal House Rescue!

Call Animal House today to see how you can help support its mission of Less Lives Lost!

(970) 224-3647

Poochy Doos In the News

Poochy Doos in the News!
Digging Ann Jones...

The News Release reported everywhere...

Poochy Doos, LLC, A Company Boasting One Rat Terrier as its Publicist, and Another as VP of Social Media, Welcomes New Business Partner, Ann Jones 

Poochy Doos, LLC is gearing-up for big growth. With a growing client-base, large community presence and revenues that promise to eclipse last year, Poochy Doos, LLC offered a 50% partnership to a former part-timer. 
Fort Collins, CO - Poochy Doos, LLC welcomed Ann Jones as a 50% Shareholder on May 10, 2013. Jones accepted the offer after having been with the company for just over six months.  “Ann has a natural talent communicating with people and animals,” said Founder, Mary Watterson.  “From the very beginning, Ann demonstrated a radical passion I’ve only seen in shareholders chasing a dream. I knew immediately I wanted to keep her around.”

Jones originally hails from Plymouth, Connecticut. Ann and her husband Chris moved to Fort Collins six years ago where they now reside with their son. Jones received her Masters of Science in Therapeutic Recreation & Leisure from Central Connecticut State University. She is currently enrolled in a six-month professional pet sitter certification program through Pet Sitters International.
Along with day-to-day canine fitness and behavior, Jones will be focusing on  finance, business development, events and community outreach. “The future looks very bright,” said Jones. "We’ve seen a 52% revenue increase in the first quarter this year over last. That says a lot about our vision. It speaks to our commitment of holistic care. We’re all about wellness – the total integration of fitness, cognition and emotional well-being.”

She said 'Oh my God' and did a fist-pump...

“I was nervous,” said Watterson. “Ann had only been with me for a short time – six months - and I had already been thinking about offering her a partnership. I didn’t want her to think I was the type of person who went off half-cocked. I wanted the offer to be a reflection of the incredible talent she brought to the table and not about me or the timing of the offer. It turned out great! She said ‘Oh my God’ and did a fist-pump. We went to see an Eagles game that night and toasted each other with plastic pints of beer. I texted her later that night that her acceptance ‘made my year.’  She texted back that my offer ‘made her decade.’ It was pretty sweet!"

Ann smiles when remembering the offer:  “When Mary offered me a 50% partnership I nearly fell off my chair. She totally surprised me…I was absolutely giddy! Sharing my enthusiasm and desire with someone whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for is the icing on the cake. We’re both committed to continuing education and expanding the roll Poochy Doos plays in our community.”  

Poochy Doos, LLC is a pet sitting, dog walking and dog hiking company located in Fort Collins, CO. They are bonded, insured, certified in pet 1st aid and licensed by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture.

Contact:  (970) 420-9181
Email:  bark@poochydoos.com
Browse:  poochydoos.com