Loving Walks For Waggy Butts

Dog walking your furry friend with a mid-day stroll is a great way to brighten their day. Whether your dog could use a walk for the health benefits, call of nature break, or just to burn off extra energy, our knowledgeable dog walking team is here for you! Our experienced and loving dog walkers are available Monday – Friday for your convenience!
Fort Collins and Loveland Dog Walking from:

| $18, $23, $28 & $35
In Service Area Pricing

Dog Walking

Choose Your Walk

the Mini

15-Minute Walk
This is a great little walk, perfect for a quick potty break in your neighborhood or back yard.
All Pet Sitting Amenities Included
$18 each walk

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the Basic

30-Minute Walk
This is our most popular walk throughout the week. Great for outlook, health, enrichment and weight control.
All Pet Sitting Amenities Included
$23 each walk

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the Standard

45-Minute Walk
This is an enriching walk for your dog that’s sure to keep them healthy, happy and tired all week.
All Pet Sitting Amenities Included
$28 each walk

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the Extended

60-Minute Walk
Spoil your high-energy dog with a vigorous walk. Come home to a happy, healthy & content dog!
All Pet Sitting Amenities Included
$35 each walk

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Dog Walking Benefits

Your Dog Will Enjoy

  • Sights & smells of a neighborhood walk
  • Lots of love & affection
  • Your training routines positively enforced
  • Increased cognitive & mental health
  • Psychological enrichment of interaction
  • Physical health benefits of exercise

You Will Enjoy

  • A healthier, happier dog
  • Convenient scheduling and calendar
  • Your very own online, personal profile
  • E-mailed schedule confirmations
  • Convenient credit card billing
  • Pictures of your dog’s adventures.

Dog Walking Pace & Structure

We walk 2-4 mph, depending on your dog’s ability and interest.
With unvaccinated puppies we avoid high-traffic areas to avoid exposure to the Canine Parvo Virus.

Is your dog reactive to other dogs, people or environmental stimuli? Please let us know – we have advanced handlers.

Give your dog a more adventuresome walk outside of their every day neighborhood. See our Dog Hiking Program for more details.

In accordance with Fort Collins CMC Sec. 4-93(c), we cannot walk your dog within city limits while she is in heat.

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“Walking a dog in the rain is like a refreshing splash of happiness.”
– The Poochy –