Fire Saftey and Pets

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pet sitting and fire safety

Fire Prevention Tips

One of the questions we routinely ask when people sign-up for pet sitting is: do you have a fire extinguisher? Way too many home do not have one or the one they have is out-of-date. Latest figures by the National Fire Protection Association reveal that an alarming 500,000 pets are killed in household fires every year. Don’t let this happen to you!pet sitting and fire safety

Fire Safety and Pets

Help your professional pet sitting company protect your pets in your absence:

  • Alert 1st Responders by adhering pet decals on windows near entrances to your home.
  • Clean out your dryer vent regularly.
  • Keep hedges and dry brush a healthy distance from your house.
  • Have your heating system inspected annually every Fall for gas leaks.
  • Invest in a monitored alarm system that alerts the fire department in the event of smoke or carbon monoxide detection.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on each floor and tell you professional pet sitting team their locations

Just yesterday 1st Responders in Long Beach, CA saved Elmo, a 60lb boxer found lifeless on the family’s bathroom floor by fire fighters responding to a raging fire in the house.

Utilizing IVs, a Doggy Respirator and incredible persistence, the Long Beach firefighters worked tirelessly for over one hour and brought Elmo back.

See the video interview and meet Elmo…now waggy and very happy to be alive!