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Jailhouse Cats

Nebraska Jail Takes Mugshots of Cats!

Jailhouse CatsNo blue suede shoes involved, just a heart-warming story of jailhouse cats, with a personal touch, from our neighbors in Nebraska…

Katie Kramer, one of our professional pet sitters, recently told me that her brother Jerome Kramer, Sheriff of Lincoln County, adopted two cats to help inmates at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

He has since been fielding calls from around the Country (even Germany), inquiring about his inventive program.

Meet the Jailhouse Cats

“Nemo” and “Sarge” are the newest inmates, finding themselves in the work-release cell block and the minimum security cell block, looking after prisoners.

Jerome commented that the pet therapy helps reduce stress.  “We have a list of cat rules that have been laminated for caring for the cat such as cleaning their litter box,”  Jerome told KNOP.  “But they are waiting in line to take care of the cat.”

We’ll do our best to follow-up directly with Jerome after Nemo and Sarge have completed a couple months of their in-house practicum!

Good job Jerome! And good job Jail House Cats Nemo and Sarge!

See the heart-warming video