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Dog Walking with Poochy Doos, LLC: Our Hiking Program

A dog walking service is one thing – but here at Poochy Doos we provide dog hiking around the trails in Fort Collins and Loveland – sure to leave your dog happy and tired!  Our wonderful trail system is something that dogs enjoy and derive great benefits from, as it provides great access to exploring new places, smelling new things, and building positive social bonds. The physical exercise, the brain stimulation, and the resulting positive emotional effects from a great dog hike are all outcomes that we all would want for our dogs.

Dog Hiking With Poochy DoosAlthough walking dogs in the neighborhood is very beneficial for you and your dog, it can become redundant and routine if that is all we do.  Your dog also needs some variety in his life – new scents to smell, interesting terrain, and natural turf and dirt to walk on instead of cement. Just like us, dogs need new experiences and a little fun now and then. Hiking with your dog gives him a mini vacation from his daily routine.

Likewise, dog hiking is a great way to combat boredom. Boredom is a primary reason why dogs may become destructive, temperamental, bark or whine, or even gain weight. If this sounds like your dog, a dog hike is just the activity they need to perk them up and burn-up all of that pent up energy – especially true of younger, energetic dogs.

If you’re really busy or work full time, hiking with your dog may be relegated to weekends – which are already full of things you want to do and not enough time to do them in.  That’s where we can help! We are trained trail guides familiar with all of the trails in our local area, and we are certified in pet CPR and First Aid. We provide 1-4 hours of pure dog hiking fun in various urban, natural area and foothill locations. You can choose a dog hike that suits your dog’s energy, fitness level and your wallet!

We’ll pick your dogs up, have a fun ride together to the trail head, go hiking, exploring & playing together and then send you a digital record of your dog’s hike. You get geo-tagged pictures, complete with a map and notes of your dog’s adventure delivered same-day, right to your in-box. We provide bottled spring water, treats, plenty of individualized attention and lots of love. Your dog’s hike will conclude with another fun car ride home – often with a very tired or sleeping dog relaxed in the back!

So, at the end of your busy day, you’ve accomplished even more than you thought you could, plus you get to come home to a very happy, relaxed and tired dog!  What could be better than that?!

Call and reserve your dog hike today with our team of certified trail guides!