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Quad Rock Race, Rockin BBQ & Fire Dancing Saving Dogs One Hungry Athlete at a Time!

Quad Rock 50 RaceThe Poochy Team was on hand with our community partner, Animal House Rescue  for the second annual Quad Rock Race, grilling up burgers and dishing out veggie Tambuli to hungry athletes and their adoring families, friends and admirers.

About Quad Rock Race

Gnar Runners put on this amazing endurance trail race at Lory State Park this past Saturday.  The event boasted over 176 runners finishing the 25-mile leg and 111 finishing the 50-mile course! Holy Cow! These runners are fit, fun and friendly!

Animal House Rescue organized the BBQ for the event which included hamburgers & chips, black bean burgers & veggie salads, and even gourmet drinks and home-made cookies.

Undeterred by charcoal that refused to stay lit, volunteers from Animal House, led by Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire Kim Clarkson, did a “fire dance” and somehow managed to serve up over two-hundred burgers. Many thanks to all the hungry folks who so patiently waited to get served! This was one classy event, all the way around!

The fun people, cool dogs and groovin’ band were only improved by the imminently drinkable Quad Rock 50 Remittance Ale, brewed special for the occasion by Pateros Creek!  Hats off and cheers!  Note to self:  “Come back next year for the best time ever!”

Kim Clarkson and VolunteerAll proceeds from the BBQ went to support Animal House Rescue, a no-kill dog rescue located in north Fort Collins.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for supporting Animal House Rescue!

Call Animal House today to see how you can help support its mission of Less Lives Lost  (970) 224-3647!

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