Pet Sitting on July 4th

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Enjoying Fireworks on the 4th of July? Then be sure so schedule for your pet sitting needs now. Fireworks and dogs don’t mix. The 4th of July will soon be here and inevitably some un-savvy pet parent thinks: “Wouldn’t it be fun to take Fido to the park with us for the picnic and fireworks?” And every year, on July 5th, we learn about all the many dogs that bolted, got hit by cars and died. And then we get to read a bunch of common sense stuff from trainers about dog safety.Pet Sitting during 4th of july

Needless to say, it’s our responsibility to keep our dogs safe. I don’t know very many dogs, save some working, hunting dogs, that are impervious to loud, startling  KA-BOOMs. I know fewer still who are comfortable around large crowds teeming with strangers and little kids chasing them – unaware of proper dog etiquette. Both of these circumstances add up to very dangerous environments for dogs.

Enjoy the fireworks but remember, fireworks and dogs don’t mix.  Keep your dog safe this year and keep them indoors where they’re comfortable. Better still, if you already know your dog is sensitive to lightning and thunder storms, do them a favor and buy them a Thunder Shirt and look into hiring the professional care team at Poochy Doos for your pet sitting needs. Odds are, they’ll be perfectly calm in their new gear snuggling with a professional pet sitter from Poochy Doos. Let’s enjoy the 4th of July this year without endangering our dogs!