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Poochy Doos, LLC started a Crowdrise page to help support Animal House Rescue’s Fundraiser for the Michelson Found Animals Grant. Please join us in supporting our pals at Animal House by Joining the Poochy Team.


“Whether they’re young or mature, big or little, the dogs at Animal House Rescue & Grooming have one thing in common: they’re looking for a second chance – at life, love, and a forever home.”

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Our Pet Sitting Clients Are Alums of Animal House

A lot of our pet sitting and dog walking clients are alum of our pals over at Animal House Rescue. A distinctive and special resource within our community, Animal House aims to decrease the euthanasia rate of adoptable dogs by giving these well-deserving animals the opportunity – and most importantly, the time – to find the right home. Through community outreach and collaboration with overpopulated and underserved shelters, we’re making a difference in the lives of dogs and the humans who love them.

Animal House specializes in second chances. And with your help – adopting, fostering, volunteering, and donating – we can ensure that every Animal House dog finds exactly what they deserve: a lifetime and home filled with love.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Did you know that Poochy Doos, LLC provides pet sitting and dog walking to Animal House Alumni? Call us today to learn about our loving services and professional pet care team!