Pour Brothers Community Tavern

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Poochy Doos Community Night

One of the funnest things about being a professional pet sitting and dog walking company is getting to know all the local businesses who love dogs and support local dog rescues! Meet Pour Brothers! Pour Brothers is pouring brew tomorrow for all the good dogs at Animal house!

Join The Poochy TOMORROW night, 11/4/15 from 6-7 PM for Community Night at Pour Brothers Community Tavern and party (responsibly) for our pals at Animal House Rescue & Grooming!

Pour Brothers Community Tavern

Pour Brothers is located in Old Town and offers great local brews, signature craft cocktails and (
count em’) –  60+ whiskeys!  They also feature delicious food and sundry morsels to help soak up all the delicious beverages imbibed!  Can you say “Yum!”

Pour Brothers will donate The Needful to Animal House Rescue & Grooming in the form of all tips from food and beverage orders from 6-11 PM – so bring your appetite!

Also, from 7-8 PM the bar will feature Animal House Celebrity bartenders: Ali Eccleston, Executive Director and Kim Clarkson, Volunteer Coordinator! Throw them a curveball and order a Greyhound or a Salty Dog – and see what you get!  Go Ali and Kim!

Pour Brothers is cool place with a very friendly, up-cycled vibe! Come check it out and make some new friends in the process!

“We like to turn customers into friends and that, along with making it community based was the premise of our concept, which we see the two as going hand in hand. We didn’t want Pour Brothers to be just a bar, we have set out to make it a bar with a purpose, something we can be proud to put our name on.”

– Aria Khosravi, Co-owner of Pour Brothers Community Tavern

Learn more about Aria Khosravi, Alan Blue and their journey of Pour Brothers Community Tavern! And thank you Aria and Alan for your great community tavern that supports the local brew and dog loving community of Fort Collins!

Are you in need of a loving pet sitting or dog walking service for your Animal House Alum? Be sure to give contact us today! Our loving pet sitting team is here for you. Any pal of Animal House is a pal of ours!