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Why You Should Hire A Professional Pet Sitting Company

So…what happened to the neighbor kid watching your pets? Well, I suppose that depends a lot on your neighborhood. The bottom line is, with all the things and activities kids are now engrossed in, many people are realizing that the neighbor kid, while likable enough, may not be the most responsible, knowledgeable, or reliable person to entrust with the welfare of their pets, their house and all of their belongings.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Professional pet sitting and dog walking services have been growing around the country. Since the 1970s pet sitting has exploded in response to pet owners demanding responsible, knowledgeable and loving pet care professionals. Neighbor kids and friends are nice but they’re not licensed, bonded and insured.   A great way to ruin a friendship is to hire your neighbor and come home to problems. 

Believe me – from colleagues to insurance newsletters  – we’ve heard it all. In fact, my mom started the first pet care company in Fort Collins back in the 1970’s. I still remember her talking affectionately about her “furry clients” and jetting around Fort Collins caring for them. She educated herself about animal care, had insurance and developed care protocols and procedures.  She had a professional, dedicated business.

A Professional Pet Sitting Company

While there are tons of differences between hobby sitters, well-intentioned friends, and professionals – having a dedicated business is the operative word. A professional pet sitting company’s entire job – entire scope of concern – is your pet’s well-being. Come Christmas Eve, your professional pet sitter will not be having another spiked egg nog, taking care of tired kids or gift wrapping. They are leaving their families and friends, heading out into the snow and caring for your pets.  They’ve made the commitment of starting a business, getting insurance, buying scheduling software, joining educational associations, investing in continuing education and getting certified in pet first aid.  Those are just a few of the many qualifications that set them apart. 

Professional pet sitters are not the kid next door who’ll “try to remember.” They’re not a relative you’re imposing on who’ll try to “fit it in.” They’re not a co-worker doing you a favor who you’ll later owe. Professional pet sitters are solely dedicated to you and your pets. That’s the deal and a pretty compelling reason to hire a pro! Contact us today if you’d like to schedule pet sitting or dog walking services for your pets!