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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking – Why Our Care Model Is Superior

Being firm believers in Good triumphing over Bad, Good Ju-Ju besting Bad Vibes and Karma sorting out This and That, we wanted to share the Sweetness and Light that forms the basis of our Care Model here at Poochy Doos, LLC and invite you to compare us to other pet sitters who’ve thrown their hats in the ring.

Friendship: The Genesis of our Care ModelAnn Hiking with Emma

No doubt, there are lots of hefty things to aim for when opening a pet sitting business. Our aim has always been simple: be a good and trustworthy friend. This friendship with animals started, on a very personal level, with our own pets. There are many people who poo-poo anthropomorphism, but none of them have ever met my dog or cat. The fact remains, there were always things too beneath my cat to even consider and my dog understands me in a way that no one else does. And that became the genesis of our thought: revering that very personal space that our dogs and cats occupy in our hearts. What do we want for our dogs and cats when we leave them in someone else’s care?

Here at The Poochy, that is our starting point: getting to know and love your pets as only you know and love them. We want to know what your pet’s life is like with you so that we can be their best friend in your absence. In fact, that’s our company motto: “Your Best Friend’s Friend.”

Pet Sitting Removed and Calculating

There is a new and concerning “Pet Care Model” being peddled by online corporations that differs greatly from this fundamental notion of friendship. Craigslist-styled websites, bloated with “member caregivers” have cast a pall on the professional pet care industry. Indeed, the ubiquitous funds of these goliaths are being used as vehicles to curry industry-related favor, in a bid to legitimize their businesses. But is this transient directory of disparate, self-proclaimed caregivers who create profiles, push buttons and pay fees to corporate middlemen a legitimate Pet Care Model? Who really benefits from such a removed, calculated exchange? And, since no one else is asking, how do these corporations vet over 100K “member-caregivers?”

Talent Pools vs. Self-Aggrandizement Drivel

In contrast to these goliaths, we have talent searches not member listings. Our talent search culminates with a behavior-based evaluation designed to assess core values inherent in caregivers, and therein, centric to our identity and ideals. This process can involve several interviews and includes a lengthy written exam. Likewise, we have developed a customized skills assessment and training program with an independent, ABCDT Certified trainer who is an Evaluator for the CGC and AKC. On average, our talent search takes 3-4 months to net a single individual, qualified to serve on our team. This meticulous scrutiny and vetting has resulted in a uniquely qualified team of pet caregivers, fiercely committed to your pet’s well-being.

Poochyism vs. Corporatism

Mary and BellaDon’t get us wrong. Websites listing products have their uses – namely selling inanimate products. We, on the other hand though, believe that pet sitting companies are primarily providing care.  And there’s the rub: in today’s day and age, we not only have our pets to be concerned about, we have our homes,  privacy, belongings and identities to boot. In short, we place our entire lives and the lives of our beloved pets into the hands of the pet sitters we scrupulously screen and select. We deserve qualified pet sitters who reflect the professionalism such responsibilities warrant.


The Best Choice in Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Unlike these corporations, Poochy Doos, LLC is a home-grown, Colorado-based small business. Being based here, we come under the scrutiny of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, who is tasked with licensing pet caregivers in  Colorado, to protect the public. Companies who are under out-of-state corporate umbrellas operate wholly outside the Department of Agriculture’s purview – so they essentially operate with immunity, leaving you little recourse.

Given your choice of Poochyism or Corporatism, we encourage you to reject the allure of slick, multi-million dollar advertising campaigns in favor of the fundamental principles and unique qualifications that govern our pledge of friendship to your pets. As a true friend, you always think of your friend first, what’s best for them, what they enjoy, what they would want – what pleases them and makes them healthy and happy. Poochy Doos, LLC can proudly boast that we aspire to earn your pet’s friendship and trust, through unparalleled continuity of care, professional development, industry leadership, continuing education, professional insurance, licensure and association, animal advocacy and a steadfast commitment to our local community. And as time has proved, our commitment to excellence is a living tribute and direct reflection of the company we keep – your pets!


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