Feliz Poochydad – Holiday Pet Care Available

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Pet Sitting

Poochy Doos, LLC is very excited to celebrate this Holiday Season with your furry family members! We still have pet sitting availability for Christmas and New Years!

How MEOWtastic is that?!

Have A Good Time and Leave Your Kids In Our Hands

As you know, with Poochy Doos, you can enjoy your holidays without a worry in the world! Indeed, our pet sitting team is fully qualified and staffed to care for your pets! As always, with Poochy you have at least two team members familiar with your pets, at all times. Your team members will meet with you in order to learn your pets likes, dislikes needs – and their favorite routines. So kick back and enjoy your holidays. Between loving snuggles, playtime and enrichment activities – your kids will have a great time with Poochy Doos! And of course, we’ll be sending lots of pictures and text updates for you to enjoy!

Amenities Included In Our Pet Care

We know your pets are members of your family – and we love them like they’re members of ours! Here are some of the amenities we provide to ensure you and your pets receive the best care possible:

  • Cuddles & Playtime.
  • Lots of Love & Affection.
  • Care Team Continuity.
  • Environmental Enrichment.
  • Medications as Directed.
  • Fresh Water & Meal Service, yum!
  • Treats and snacks, as directed.
  • Special Meal Preparation.
  • Call of Nature Breaks.
  • Neighborhood Walks.
  • Positive Training Reinforcement.
  • Transportation (as needed).
  • Fetch Mail.
  • Bring in Packages.
  • Maintain Home Entrance from Debri.
  • Water Indoor Potted Plants.
  • Trash & Recycling To/From.
  • Alternate Window Coverings & Lights.
  • Unmarked Cars for Discrete Service.
  • Daily Written Love Notes.
  • Frequent Texts & Pictures.
  • Welfare Checks, to make sure you’ve arrived home safely!
  • Seamless continued care for your unexpected delay in return.
  • Welcome Home Reminders.
  • Pet Sitter Evaluations, to allow you to rate how well we did.
  • 24/7/365 Availability.
  • Online Account Pet Profiles.
  • Easy-View Calendar, know at-a-glance what your schedule is.
  • Online Scheduling, request pet care right online, whenever you need it.
  • Easy-view Invoices, know exactly what you’re paying for – no hidden costs.
  • Credit Cards Welcome, we accept all major credit cards.
  • No Hassle Cancellations!

Mix and match any of our pet sitting services to best meet the needs of your pets!

Pet Care Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Christmas Tree

While parents are away – the kids will play! As you can imagine, we’ve seen it all over the years! If you have a Christmas tree, here are some invaluable tips to keep your pets out of harms way during your absence:

  • Make sure your tree is secure and can’t tip over, anchor to wall hook.
  • Avoid tinsel, ribbons and popcorn/cranberry strings.
  • Cover your electrical cord and unplug when you leave the house.
  • Don’t place Poinsettias, Holly or Mistletoe around your tree.
  • Avoid the use of conditioners or preservatives in tree water well.
  • Ornaments can be dangerous if broken and/or ingested – pick ornaments and placement wisely.
  • Use positive reinforcement w/ “tree curiosity” by consistently providing alternative toys/activities.