Mary Watterson Pet Sitting Biography

Ani Glaser

Ani is an Oregon native, who first moved to Fort Collins in 2003. After a few back and forth moves between Oregon and Colorado over the next several years, Ani finally decided that Colorado was home!

She has always had a big heart for pets, and enjoyed a menagerie in her childhood and increasingly into her teen years including cats; dogs, hamsters, rats, finches, parakeets, doves, tree frogs, rabbits, fish and a green iguana!

Ani particularly enjoys rescuing animals that need a paw up in life, such as the many homeless kitties that have found their way onto her doorstep and were adopted or re-homed, a sick Rottweiler puppy that she nurtured back to health and adopted out after being found tied to a tree abandoned in Albuquerque; and most recently a skinny, pregnant Calico cat that had 7 babies in Ani’s closet after eating a desperately needed dinner and begging to stay. Two of those calico babies are now permanent household members and mama and kids were lovingly re-homed.

Ani currently enjoys volunteer dog-walking with her daughter at Animal House Rescue, and pampering and cuddling her three cats and her big, playful, litter box trained California house rabbit. In her spare time away from working with her own fur babies and the pets of others, Ani is a dedicated mom and has her own private-practice yoga studio, including teaching yoga to seniors and; individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injury and concussion.

When Ani is not providing care for pets and therapeutic yoga she helps out at an organic tofu collective, dabbles in aerial circus arts, and sings, collaborates and performs with musical friends.

Ani is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter and Dog Walker. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Ani as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting team!


  • Canine/Feline 1st Aid & CPR, American Red Cross, 2018