Michelson Found Animals Grant

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Poochy Doos, LLC started a Crowdrise page to help support Animal House Rescue’s Fundraiser for the Michelson Found Animals Grant. Please join us in supporting our pals at Animal House by Joining the Poochy Team.   “Whether they’re young or mature, big or little, the dogs at Animal House Rescue & Grooming have one thing in common: they’re looking for … Read More

Professional Pet Sitting Companies vs Hobby Sitters

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Professional Pet Sitters

Is the Professional Pet Sitting Industry Silently Promulgating Pet Care Models of Listing Websites? Our Letter as Seen in Pet Sitter’s World Magazine March/April 2015 Edition Thank you for bringing the problem of “listing websites” into focus and for the “Get a Real Pet Sitter” campaign. We were troubled by your survey results. Our interpretation of how these listing websites … Read More

Cold Weather Dog Care

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Old Man Winter has shook his snowy beard in Colorado, leaving frigid, dangerous conditions for dogs. Already, police have been called in Denver when a dog was seen outside, covered in snow. If you see a dog outdoors in distress, please call the police immediately with a description of the dog and address. A digital picture also helps. Cold Weather Dog … Read More

Pet Sitting: Safeguarding Your House

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how to make your house look lived in

The 12-Step Guide Begins with Hiring a Professional Pet Sitting Company As if it weren’t difficult enough to protect your property and identity, Fort Collins and Loveland police departments and city officials are reporting that the incidence of burglary and resulting identity theft appears to be on the rise.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to know how to make your house … Read More

Dog Walking with Poochy Doos, LLC

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Dog Walking with Poochy Doos, LLC: Our Hiking Program A dog walking service is one thing – but here at Poochy Doos we provide dog hiking around the trails in Fort Collins and Loveland – sure to leave your dog happy and tired!  Our wonderful trail system is something that dogs enjoy and derive great benefits from, as it provides great … Read More

Dog Walking and Seniors

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Pets Benefit Seniors

Dog Walking: A Fuzzy Balm for Seniors Dog walking, pets and seniors – the perfect combo for happiness! It really is amazing how pets can breath new life into seniors and vice versa. Let’s face it, when we’re around a soft, snuggly dog or cat, life is just better! As that brilliant, life-philosopher Charles M. Schultz once observed: “Happiness is … Read More

Choice City Comedy Nite

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Choice City Comedy Nite

SIT! STAY! SPEAKEASY! Join the Poochy Doos Team in supporting Animal House Rescue by attending its 2nd Annual Choice City Comedy Nite: Sit! Stay! Speakeasy! fundraiser, April 13th from 6:30 – 10:00 at Lincoln Center, Canyon West Ballroom. About Choice City Comedy Nite This fun event will feature national and local comedians, (including Brandt Tobler as seen on Comedy Central) jazz … Read More

Yellow Dog Project

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yellow dog project

Dog Walking – Stay Clear! As a professional dog walking company – we see it all. There’s no bigger pet peeve for a professional dog walker than people who walk their dogs off-leash, or insist on coming up to you and your dog to “just say hi.” Sorry to say – we don’t want to say “hi.” We’d like to … Read More

Dog Walking and Chemical Ice Melters

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Dog Walking Shouldn’t Be Hazardous Wintertime in Colorado, while filled with fun recreational opportunities, is also filled with challenges for your dog. As a professional dog walking company, we encounter chemical ice melts every day in the wintertime. Ice melts are particularly prevalent if you live near town, where sidewalks and businesses are carpeted with it. Surprised?  You’re not alone.  Many … Read More

Pet Sitting and Canine Bloat

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canine bloat

Pet Sitting and Canine Bloat Your dog loves playing fetch and you love playing with your dog!  So, what’s the problem? Nothing, as long as you’re aware that right before or right after meals is not the best time to play, as you could be inviting canine bloat. As a professional dog walking and pet sitting company, we often encounter clients … Read More