Feliz Poochydad – Holiday Pet Care Available

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Pet Sitting

Poochy Doos, LLC is very excited to celebrate this Holiday Season with your furry family members! We still have pet sitting availability for Christmas and New Years! How MEOWtastic is that?! Have A Good Time and Leave Your Kids In Our Hands As you know, with Poochy Doos, you can enjoy your holidays without a worry in the world! Indeed, … Read More

Industry Pet Sitting Leader

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

Professional Pet Sitting and Poochy Doos, LLC This week has found The Poochy celebrating the professional pet sitting industry with its chums over at Pet Sitters International, Inc. (PSI). Today kicks off the 22nd Annual Professional Pet Sitters Week! Although we don’t have a water cooler, we’ve all been gathering around our respective water bowls and chatting about the professional pet sitting industry over Milkbones® and donuts. … Read More

Deter Crime: Pet Sitting Safeguards

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Make Your House Look Lived-In for Your Pet Sitting Peeps If you’re leaving town and hiring our professional pet sitting service to care for your beloved pets, ensure the safety of your pets and our loving pet sitting team, by following these helpful tips: 1. Walk around your house and assess its weaknesses as though you were a burglar. Do you … Read More

Pet Sitting: Superior Care

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Pet Sitting Company So…what happened to the neighbor kid watching your pets? Well, I suppose that depends a lot on your neighborhood. The bottom line is, with all the things and activities kids are now engrossed in, many people are realizing that the neighbor kid, while likable enough, may not be the most responsible, knowledgeable, … Read More

Pet Sitting and Play Behavior

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Pet Sitting Our Feline Friends & Play As a professional pet sitting company one of our daily “jobs” is playing with cats and dogs. While dogs are cute, perhaps nothing compares to cats when they’re playing. Their athleticism,  exuberance, intensity and stealth is just hard to beat. Needless to say, play behavior in cats is a sign of a healthy happy … Read More

Pet Sitting for Hope Lives

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Poochy Doos, LLC is happy to announce it has been selected to partner with Hope Lives! Our professional pet sitting team will be providing pet sitting and dog walking, to help care for the women they service diagnosed with breast cancer!  Said Ann Jones, Owner of Poochy Doos, LLC,  “We felt very privileged to be invited into the Hope Lives … Read More

Dogs On Deployment

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

Poochy Doos, LLC wants to thank all of the men and women in the military serving our country. We hope everyone takes a moment today to remember all the heroes and victims of war and the families who support them. While there are all sorts of ways we can lend our support to active duty military, we wanted to highlight an organization … Read More

3 Cold Weather Dog Myths You Believe

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

Or Do You? We place our trust in people all the time. We trust drivers will obey traffic signals. We trust our doctor is qualified to care for us.  And, perhaps most significantly, we trust our own judgment. So how savvy are we when it comes to believing common cold weather dog myths? As a professional dog walking company, we are always interested … Read More

Killer Dog Yards – Literally

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Can your pet sitting company see things you can’t? You look out your slider to your backyard and everything seems fine. Nothing dangerous is looming, nothing is out of place. You turn away for a moment to pour a cup of coffee. You drop it in a panic when you hear your dog scream. In just 30-seconds of unsupervised play your … Read More