Pour Brothers Community Tavern

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Poochy Doos Community Night

One of the funnest things about being a professional pet sitting and dog walking company is getting to know all the local businesses who love dogs and support local dog rescues! Meet Pour Brothers! Pour Brothers is pouring brew tomorrow for all the good dogs at Animal house! Join The Poochy TOMORROW night, 11/4/15 from 6-7 PM for Community Night at … Read More

Spooky Fun At The Phantom 5K

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One thing about being a professional pet sitting company in Fort Collins and Loveland is getting to know all the great animal rescue organizations in Northern Colorado, and the amazing people that support them. Ann Jones and I had the opportunity to take time out from pet sitting to attend the Phantom 5K race, to support our pals at Animal House … Read More

Canine Parvo Virus and Pet Sitting

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Why the Vaccination Doesn’t Guarantee Your Dog’s Safety Many people believe that once they’ve vaccinated their dog, their pet is no longer at risk of contracting the Parvo virus. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Parvo virus is highly infectious and poses a great threat to your canine pal, vaccinated or not and kenneling may increase your dog’s risk. … Read More

Where ‘O Death is Thy Victory?

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

In keeping with the moral obligation to embellish a good story.  Life is ironic. Some peoples’ “fate” as it were, is determined at a very young age. We recall Billy Jean King’s chubby little legs, taut little racquet, and determined little face when she first stormed the Country at the Junior-Infant Tennis Sippy-Cup Tournament. Her little swing, her little step, even … Read More

Michelson Found Animals Grant

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Poochy Doos, LLC started a Crowdrise page to help support Animal House Rescue’s Fundraiser for the Michelson Found Animals Grant. Please join us in supporting our pals at Animal House by Joining the Poochy Team.   “Whether they’re young or mature, big or little, the dogs at Animal House Rescue & Grooming have one thing in common: they’re looking for … Read More

Promote Professional Pet Sitting

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Today is the official launch of “Get A Real Pet Sitter®,” a national media campaign by Pet Sitters International, Inc. (PSI) to educate pet parents about the importance of hiring a reputable, qualified, professional pet sitting companies to care for their pets. Pet Sitters International, Inc. is the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitting companies and Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to … Read More

Pet Sitting on July 4th

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Enjoying Fireworks on the 4th of July? Then be sure so schedule for your pet sitting needs now. Fireworks and dogs don’t mix. The 4th of July will soon be here and inevitably some un-savvy pet parent thinks: “Wouldn’t it be fun to take Fido to the park with us for the picnic and fireworks?” And every year, on July 5th, … Read More

Pet Sitting: Safeguarding Your House

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how to make your house look lived in

The 12-Step Guide Begins with Hiring a Professional Pet Sitting Company As if it weren’t difficult enough to protect your property and identity, Fort Collins and Loveland police departments and city officials are reporting that the incidence of burglary and resulting identity theft appears to be on the rise.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to know how to make your house … Read More

Professional Pet Sitting Versus Kennels

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Knowing the Benefits and Risks As a professional pet sitting and dog walking company, it still surprises me how many folks are unaware of the unparalleled benefits an in-your-home, professional pet sitter can provide over kennels, doggie daycares or pet boarding facilities. A Good Pet Sitting Company – Preferred by Vets Over Kennels Even your veterinarian will be the first … Read More

Choice City Comedy Nite

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Choice City Comedy Nite

SIT! STAY! SPEAKEASY! Join the Poochy Doos Team in supporting Animal House Rescue by attending its 2nd Annual Choice City Comedy Nite: Sit! Stay! Speakeasy! fundraiser, April 13th from 6:30 – 10:00 at Lincoln Center, Canyon West Ballroom. About Choice City Comedy Nite This fun event will feature national and local comedians, (including Brandt Tobler as seen on Comedy Central) jazz … Read More