Fort Collins Cat Rescue Adoption Fair

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Fort Collins Cat Rescue

St. Cat-rick’s Day Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic will be holding its quarterly Adoption Fair March 16th in the classroom at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park featuring adoption specials for kitties age 6 months and older. Fort Collins Cat Rescue Volunteers Fort Collins Cat Rescue has several foster volunteers who have been taking care of the kitties … Read More

Pet Sitting and the Dangers of NSAIDS

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Dangers of NSAIDS

Pet Sitting & Medication Delivery Education In loving memory of “Lincoln.” This month has been a terribly sad month for Poochy Doos, LLC.  We lost a very old and dear friend, “Mr. Lincoln” to problems associated with NSAID usage. His owners were treating Lincoln as instructed by their veterinarian and had apparently not been informed of the dangers of NSAIDS, … Read More

American Dog School Under Investigation

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

Why Pet Sitting is Superior Another boarding facility, American Dog School, is in our local headlines. As a professional pet sitting company it pains us to be able to find reasons in local headlines of why choosing pet sitting for their pets needs to be on more people’s radar. It should be noted that pet owners are not at fault. Many are … Read More

My True Love Gave to Me

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My True Love Gave to Me

“My True Love Gave to Me” Dog Drive Benefiting Animal House Rescue Join Poochy Doos, LLC, a professional pet sitting and dog walking company in Fort Collins, in fulfilling Animal House Rescue’s Wish List this Christmas by donating to My True Love Gave to Me! Get all 12 items or just one and leave it on your kitchen counter.  Your … Read More

Flying With Dogs

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Unfriendly Skies 3-Breeds More Likely to Die During Flights Yet another reason to leave your beloved pets at home with a loving pet sitting and loving professional dog walking company like Poochy Doos, LLC! Delta Airlines recently banned certain dogs from flying due to the number of deaths associated with specific breeds. Dogs they’ve identified at greater risk that made their banned … Read More

Animal Poisons and Pet Sitting

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Common Animal Poisons As a professional pet sitting and dog walking company, we’ve heard and seen it all. People’s houses – particularly new pet owners, can be a haven for things that can poison your pets! March is the month set aside for education regarding poison prevention. This is a great time to review common, household items that are poisonous to animals. … Read More

Fire Saftey and Pets

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pet sitting and fire safety

Fire Prevention Tips One of the questions we routinely ask when people sign-up for pet sitting is: do you have a fire extinguisher? Way too many home do not have one or the one they have is out-of-date. Latest figures by the National Fire Protection Association reveal that an alarming 500,000 pets are killed in household fires every year. Don’t let … Read More

Pet Sitting and Fleas

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Pet Sitting and Fleas So the last couple of weeks we’ve been enjoying beautiful Spring weather here in Fort Collins. Before we know it, April will be here welcoming the promise of summer with longer, warmer days. Unfortunately with the warmer weather comes the troublesome flea. Obviously we hate to see our pets have fleas. However, as a professional pet … Read More