Catherine Oakley Pet Sitting Biography

Catherine Oakley, Pet Sitter

Catherine Oakley grew up in eastern North Carolina. Her love of dogs began at an early age, when her neighbor’s golden retriever birthed several litters of puppies. She spent any free time available frolicking with the golden puppies across the street, and she was forever hooked.

Catherine began pet sitting in 2007 to fulfill an animal-centric void in her life. Within a few months, Catherine started helping with administrative tasks for a large Atlanta based pet sitting business. This eventually led to her current career in the pet technology sector of the industry. Catherine helps pet sitting businesses provide exceptional pet care through the use of technology, while continuing to provide quality pet care herself.

Catherine moved back to Colorado in 2014 after a 9 year hiatus in Atlanta. Her love of the mountains and a big sky was always calling her home. Catherine enjoys hiking, running and cycling in her free time. According to her, bringing a dog along for a great hike, walk or run makes the journey all the better. Catherine offers a unique perspective as a pet sitter – from working as a sitter, to helping businesses succeed with the use of pet sitting technology.

Catherine is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Catherine as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Care Team!

Pet 1st Aid, Canine & Feline CPR, Pet Tech 2011
Pet 1st Aid, Canine & Feline CPR, Pet Tech 2015