Sloan Foley Pet Sitting Biography

Charissa Barbee, Pet Sitter

Charissa fell in love with dogs when she was very young. Her first “doggy crush” was a Border Collie named Pepper that would accompany the groups at Buckley Homestead. Since then, she has owned three Westies, helped raise an Australian Cattle Dog & Border Collie puppy, provided pet sitting for family friends, and cared for numerous dogs and cats as a professional pet care provider.

After growing up in Northwest Indiana, Charissa moved to Colorado in 2015. She has family in the Midwest as well as Fort Collins. She graduated with a B.A. in Human Services, completed internships at a few nonprofits, and now works full-time caring for all kinds of animals! Charissa is excited to be a part of the professional team at Poochy Doos, LLC and is committed to furthering animal health, wellness and enrichment.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, continuing lifelong learning, participating in social activism, and binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

Charissa is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter and Dog Walker and Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Charissa as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Team.

Canine and Feline Pet 1st Aid, PetPro Hero, 2018