Overlook Trail

Mary Watterson

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Overlook Trail – Dog Hiking
Elevation 5,800
1.2 miles

Overlook Trail is part of the Lory State Park Trail System and is very close to the city of Fort Collins. This trail is moderate in difficulty and is popular with hikers and Fort Collins dog walkers.

Overlook Trail connects Arthur’s Rock Trail to the Well Gulch Nature Trail, and offers spectacular vistas of the eastern plains. It is accessed from the Homestead Picnic Area and ends at Arthur’s Rock Trailhead.

The trail begins with a short climb and then levels off as it travels along a ridge. You and your dog will enjoy great views of the reservoir with a beautiful overlook along the way. Be careful of cactus near the trail as you and your dog take in these vistas.

You will descend into shady, forested canopies – home to lots of wildlife, including Mule Deer, Abert’s Squirrels and Western Tanagers.

After emerging from the trees the trail will branch. Keep to the left and follow it down to the Arthur’s Rock trailhead and follow the road back to the Homestead Picnic Area.

Overlook TrailSafe drinking water and restroom facilities are unavailable on the trail, so be sure the carry a good supply (along with snacks) for you and your dog.

For your dog’s safety, State Park rules require leashes not to exceed 6’ in length. Due to wildlife in the area, including reported rattlesnakes, a short lead is advisable with direct line-of-sight to upcoming terrain. As always, it is important to carry a 1st aid kit for you and your dog. Do not hike this area if your dog is in heat.

While you’re there, check out the Mountain View Little Free Library on the way to the Poudre…coolest thing ever!

This trail takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, including the walk along the road back to your vehicle. Come prepared to have a good time and discover why Fort Collins dog walkers enjoy taking their dogs on this trail!

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