Blue Sky Trail

Mary Watterson

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Blue Sky Trail – Dog Hiking

15 miles

Dog Walking Blue Sky TrailThe Blue Sky Trail connects the Devil’s Backbone Open Space in Loveland to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. It runs along the Front Range offering beautiful mountain backdrops and spans through 4,000 acres of protected open space.

This dog-friendly trail is one of the premiere regional trails in Northern Colorado. The Blue Sky Trail is popular with hikers, bikers, runners and horseback riders. It  crosses only one road, making it a perfect trail for dog walking.

Fast becoming a great way to take in wildlife, bobcat, fox, mule deer, black bear, squirrels, prairie dogs, rattlesnakes and numerous birds can be spotted in the area and call the habitat home.

Blue Sky TrailBlue Sky Trail drops down into Rimrock and Coyote Ridge Natural Area where dogs are not permitted. All dogs on Blue Sky must be on a leash. Your leash cannot exceed 6’ in length. We recommend you keep a 4′ lead to protect yourself and your dog from potential hazards, such as snakes.

Likewise, we suggest you carry a pet first aid kit and know how to use it. While dog walking, be sure to bring along plenty of water and snacks so you and your dog can refuel along the way. All dog refuse must be packed out – do not bury your dog’s waste. Use caution hiking this trail if your dog is in heat.

The Trail can be reached from Drake Rd. by heading S. on College Ave. and then turning right (West) onto W. Harmony Road. Continuing East on Harmony Road, it turns into CR38E. Follow the the signs to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space/Blue Sky Trail. From College Ave., it’s about 7.7 miles to the Trail Head. See the Blue Sky Trail Map. There is water and facilities at the trail head. There is a $6.00 use fee.

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