Fossil Creek Trail

Mary Watterson

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Fossil Creek Trail – Dog Hiking

5.17 Miles of paved trail

Dpg Walking Fossil Creek TrailThis is a great Fort Collins trail with lots of bustling activity from fellow dog walking fanatics, joggers, bikers and students.

The trail currently runs through the Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area along Fossil Creek. It extends West and North to meet the Spring Creek Trail, and East to Fossil Creek Reservoir.

The trail connects Spring Canyon Community Park on the North to Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area on the South. The project completes a major segment of the Fossil Creek Trail on the West side of town while creating even greater connectivity within a community already known for its great trail systems.

The Fossil Creek Trail Extension leaves the South side of Spring Canyon Community Park and winds its way through open space at the base of Horsetooth Reservoir, cuts up through an easement obtained from local property owners, before traveling east along County Road 38E (Harmony Road). The Extension connects nearly seven miles of Spring Creek Trail to more than two miles of the Fossil Creek Trail.

This dog-friendly trail has no usage fees. It features a public park that includes free parking and restrooms. Cell phone coverage is good throughout the trail, as is trail visibility. All in all, a great urban environment in Fort Collins to walk your dog.

The trail is maintained year round and snow is removed from the trails during the winter months, making for a great year-round dog walking experience, weather permitting.

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