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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

I recently moved back home to Fort Collins to be closer to my parents and soon realized pet sitting was for me! Having worked in the corporate world for years, I realized that the time I spent playing with my dogs was the most enjoyable part of my day. Whether we’re hiking the trails or playing Frisbee we’re all healthier and happier from having spent time together.

Although dogs and cats have always been and important part of my life, I hadn’t made the connection of just how fulfilling pet sitting was until I realized I enjoyed caring for my colleague’s pets more than my high-powered career. So, I chucked my career and began working on an idea to create a superior model of pet care.  After a year of research, I launched Poochy Doos, a uniquely “friendly” pet sitting, dog walking and dog hiking company. And I wasn’t the first person in my family to have this idea. My mom pioneered the field of professional pet care in the early 1970’s with her company Good Neighbor.

I firmly believe that there’s no better option than home-based pet sitting – and veterinarians agree! Pets get to enjoy their comfortable home surroundings rather than being subjected to unknown environments and all the risks they present. Likewise, they’re surrounded by all the familiar comforts of their own home, including toys, beds, sights, sounds, diet and even their family’s scent! No wonder veterinarians compare all the options and choose professional pet sitting for their own pets!

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends, being outdoors with my dogs, gardening, cooking, spinning/weaving, reading, writing, refurbishing drums, philosophy, sports, watching movies and dining out. As an avid musician, I also enjoy gigging whenever possible.

I encourage you to look into the many exciting services we offer and compare us to other pet care professionals. When you choose Poochy Doos, LLC you’re making a strong value choice. You’re choosing the very best care possible for your pets – hands down!

Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to meeting you!


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