West Valley Trail – Dog Hiking

Mary Watterson

Dog Walking West Valley Trail

West Valley Trail – Dog Hiking

Elevation: 5,600
2.3 miles

Dog Walking West Valley Trail West Valley Trail, like its East Valley cousin, is popular with local pet sitters and dog owners taking advantage of this beautiful, dog-friendly area.

This trail is part of Lory State Park’s 20-mile trail system, presenting an easy, scenic walk while maintaining a steady elevation. This is a very doable trail for older dogs or dogs with respiratory issues, assuming it’s not too hot.

Fort Collins dog walkers will enjoy the trail’s close proximity to the city and other adjoining trails. Taken with the East Valley Trail, this dog hike provides an enjoyable loop comprising about 5.5 miles of soft surface.

The West Valley trail is very level and stays and the same approximate elevation of 5,600 feet.

Dogs must be kept under control with a short lead not to exceed 6’ in length. It is advisable to have direct line of sight to the terrain your dog is traversing. Fresh water is available near the park entrance and an ample supply should be carried for you and your dog. As always, dog walkers must yield to horseback riders.

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