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Pet Sitting Jobs

Are you looking for a fun and fulfilling way to supplement your income? Are you finally ready to pursue a life-long interest in professional pet care? Then you need a pet sitting and dog walking job!


Pet Sitting Jobs

Contractor Positions Available

All of our pet sitting, dog walking and dog hiking positions are 1099 independent contractor positions. If you do not currently own a pet sitting business or do not intend to open a pet sitting business to pursue a professional career in pet care, please do not apply. Likewise, if your veterinarian would not consider you qualified to care for their animals, this is not the job for you.

Pet Care Administrator – North Fort Collins

Overnight Pet Care Administrator

Working With Poochy Doos

Poochy Doos, LLC was recently nominated for Pet Sitter of the Year, an award given by Pet Sitters International, Inc. to recognize excellence in the professional pet sitting industry. Likewise, we were recently featured in the Official NOCO Pet Guide, published by Fort Collins Magazine, as the choice in professional, in-home pet care.

The Poochy is a tremendously fun, rewarding and forward-thinking company. As a Poochy Team Member, you will have the privilege of positively impacting the lives of pets and their families, while being personally challenged and rewarded. There is no better career on earth than pet sitting!

What We Provide

  • Skills Assessment
  • Orientation
  • Field Acclimation Opportunities
  • Job Opportunities
  • Continuing Education Invitations
  • Handling & Training Resources
  • 24-Hour Field Support
  • Interface with Mobile Software
  • Professional Association
  • Affiliation & Networking w/Professional Peers

What We Don’t Provide

  • Benefits
  • Insurance
  • Tax Withholding
  • Training
  • Trade tools or equipment
  • Job Assignments – you accept/decline Job Offers
  • Job Tracking
  • Time Clocks
  • Work Space
  • Management of your schedule

About The Pet Sitting Industry

The hallmark of the professional pet sitting industry is customized, in-client-home pet care. In their own home-environments, pets are not subjected to the many unknown, dangerous risks inherent in other multi-dog facilities, or unlicensed, in-home environments of non-professional, hobby pet sitters. Rather, they are comforted and completely at home among familiar scents, sounds, sights, and routines under the watchful care of professional, licensed, and 1st Aid Certified pet sitters. This is a professional career, not a hobby.

As a professional pet sitter, you may specialize in exercise and fitness, cognitive play, positive training and reinforcement, mobility assistance, special needs, senior care, overnight pet care, and much more. A pet sitting job can involve dog walking, dog hiking, pet care visits, play and companionship, meal service, training reinforcement, enrichment, transportation, and special needs pet care. The length of a pet care visit can be anywhere from fifteen minutes, to an occasional overnight stay. Poochy Doos, LLC provides unparalleled continuity of care, which allows you frequent opportunities to job-share with other Poochy Team Members – the best pet sitters in the industry today!

How To Apply

Please do not call or stop by our offices to inquire about available positions. Click on Available Positions above if you are interested in working with Poochy Doos, LLC.


“Doing a job well is like recognizing that everyone deserves goodness.”
– The Poochy –