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K9 Tail Blazers

Welcome to the K9 Tail Blazers!
Our name says it all! We are an active, fun, and social group of dog-lovers exploring local trails together with our dogs! Call today for sponsorship opportunities and to join our Trail Leadership Team.

Join us today! We’d love to meet you and your dogs.

About The Tailblazers

Poochy Doos, LLC founded the K9 Tail Blazers in 2013 to bring together dog lovers in Northern Colorado for local dog hikes.

We try and host 1-2 dog hikes and other events to promote wellness, social relationships, animal advocacy and community resources, each and every month. Likewise, everyone is welcome and encouraged to suggest and/or lead any dog hike that interests them!


No On-Leash Greetings
Be sure also to read the group’s rules on meeting other dogs and what type of leash to bring on dog hikes. On-leash dog-to-dog meetings are when the highest incident of bites usually occur. We ask that you use a 6′ line-of-sight lead so that your dog does not infringe on the space of other dogs or get leashes tangled. There is no off-leash hiking on dog trails in Fort Collins.

Join Us
The Blazers are 350+ members strong and growing every day! Join us for a hike. We’d love to meet you and your dogs!

Are you interested in Sponsoring the K9 Tail Blazers? We’d love to “toot your horn” and show off your dog-related business! Please contact us today!


“Group tail wagging is like a power source for love.”
– The Poochy –