Mary Watterson Pet Sitting Biography

Katie Kramer

Katie Kramer was born and raised on a cattle and horse ranch in North Central Nebraska. Growing up on a working ranch afforded Katie many diverse experiences in taking care of all types of animals at all stages of life. “Dogs and cats were just a part of our daily life.” says Katie.

Working cattle dogs was an important routine of Katie’s life and her entire family became very adept at handling and caring for them. “When your livelihood depends on the health of your animals you learn to take great care of them and appreciate all they do,” said Katie.

When she wasn’t working, Katie spent tons of time playing with their many cats. Although Katie thinks all cats are cool, she has a special place in her heart for orange tabbies. Says Katie, “Our cats were such a big part of my life. They provided a lot of fun and laughter. Our dogs had a job with our cattle and our cats provided comic relief and mouse duty in the barn.” says Katie.

Katie’s brother has recently received national attention as Sheriff of Lincoln County for the innovative cat rehabilitation program he recently implemented at the Lincoln County Detention Center. Katie said: “Jerome is real proud of his cats! The cats are taking a lot of stress off the inmates and giving them new pride and purpose. It’s a toss up who’s benefitting the most, the cats or the inmates!” said Katie.

In addition to enjoying pet sitting, Katie is an outpatient scheduler for UC Health System. Says Katie, “UC Health is a great organization and it’s such a rewarding feeling knowing you’re helping other people.”

Katie is a Fort Collins and Loveland Pet Sitter and Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Katie as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting team!


  • Feline CPR, Pet Tech 2012, 2014
  • Canine & Feline Pet 1st Aid, Pro Pet Hero, 2016