Maxwell Natural Area Trail – Dog Hiking

1.5 miles

Maxwell Natural Area TrailThis is a scenic natural area offering beautiful views of the mountains. The trail is challenging and frequently enjoyed by experienced cyclists. Dog walking is popular in this area as well. As with all wild areas, a leash is required for your dog’s protection.

The Spotted Towhee is a very common sighting in this area. They have a very distinctive call which sounds like a melodic “drink-your-teeeee” and sport beautiful black and rust colored feathers.

Mule Deer are also common in the area, easily blending into the mountain shrubs and occasional Gambel oak. When walking your dog in the Fall, keep in mind it is the start of the rutting season when males can be more aggressive as they seek their mates.

Maxwell Natural Area TrailRattlesnakes are common along the trail. If using a retractable leash it’s best to keep a short lead with good line-of-sight to the upcoming terrain. It is inadvisable to take your dog in this area if they are in heat. As always, bring a pet first aid kit and know how to use it.

The 1.5 mile dog-friendly trail at Maxwell Natural Area is part of the 6.8 mile Foothills Trail which crosses city, county, state and federal lands. The Foothills Trail connects Pineridge, Maxwell and Reservoir Ridge natural areas. Trail markers show you the way.

Maxwell Natural Area is just west of CSU’s Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins. Parking lots are off County Rd 42 C and on Centennial/CR 23. Authorities request patrons not park along the the CR 42C roadway.

As always, when walking your dog, bring plenty of fresh water and snacks. Your dog will have a blast walking in this area and will need to refuel along the way.
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