Sloan Foley Pet Sitting Biography

Mikka Tully, Pet Sitter

Mikka Tully is proud to be a Fort Collins native and part of the Poochy Care Team! A CSU grad with a Business Management degree, Mikka grew up in Laporte. Mikka appreciates the outdoor lifestyle the front range provides for dogs and their people. “Living in Fort Collins surrounded by two-legged and four-legged family members makes everyday life feel like a dream!” says Mikka.

Mikka has a wonderful cat named “Jersey” who fills her and her husband’s life with joy. Mikka has a deep understanding of the cycle of hunt (play), eat, groom and sleep that cats thrive on. “An animal interaction has the power to not only calm and comfort but to keep life in perspective.” says Mikka.

While cats have a soft spot in Mikka’s heart, she wanted more animal love in her life and sought out a volunteer position with Animal House Rescue & Grooming. Mikka walks dogs, works on behavior issues and assists in taking pet adoption pictures. Mikka is also an advanced handler and clicker trainer, having graduated from the K9 Coach Class, taught by Cathie Lee of K9 Wisdom Training & Consulting. Mikka also volunteers with Pets Forever – a program that helps the elderly take care of their pets. “Every week I look forward to strengthening the relationships between pets and people,” Mikka explains.

Mikka is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker and Trail Guide. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Mikka as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Care Team!

K9 Coach Certified, 2018
Canine and Feline Pet 1st Aid, American Red Cross, 2018
Advanced K9 Coach, 2019