Mindy Sherwood Pet Sitting Biography

Mindy Sherwood, Pet Sitter

Mindy Sherwood moved to Fort Collins in 2010, where she has made her home and is enjoying life to the fullest. She fills her days drawing animals and spending time at home with her two dogs, six chickens, and cat.

Growing up, she has always enjoyed the company of pets and even at a young age she was training her family dog to do tricks and Agility obstacle courses. As she grew older, she volunteered for multiple animal rescues and shelters. She learned Clicker training, a fun positive reinforcement training technique, as a teenager and has honed her skills with dog training ever since.

In 2010 she moved to Fort Collins to attend school for dog grooming and graduated as a professional Pet Groomer. She worked as the sole groomer for a vet clinic for over a year before deciding to pursue her other passion in life; Art. Mindy is an accomplished artist focusing on animal art, cartoons, and pet portraits. She runs her own pet portrait business along with other freelance work and being the official artist for multiple online pet games.

Mindy has since continued working with animals, joining Animal House Rescue as a volunteer and becoming an Advanced K9 Coach through K9 Wisdom Training & Consulting, and continuing to volunteer her time and skills to help dogs in need.

When she is not working with dogs or drawing, Mindy spends her time learning as many crafty and animal-related things as possible. She has found enjoyment in gardening, sewing, knitting, hiking, dog agility, and dreaming about hobby farms.

Mindy is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker and Trail Guide. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Mindy as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Care Team!

K9 Coach Certification, a K9 Wisdom Program by Cathie Lee, ABCDT, 2012
Pet 1st Aid, Canine & Feline CPR, Pet Tech – 2014
CGC Certification, 2014
Social Learning in Dogs: A Study of Learning By Observation and Its Efficacy in Training by Jan Casey, 2014
Dog Emotion and Cognition, Duke University, 2015
Advanced K9 Coach, a K9 Wisdom Program by Cathie Lee, ABCDT, 2012-2016

Master Agility Champion, Django, 2020
AKC ACT Evaluator, 2020
UKC CH Champion, Korra, 2021