Poochy believe that life is good! We are firm believers in Good triumphing over Bad, Good Ju-Ju besting Bad Vibes and Karma sorting out This and That. This Sweetness and Light forms the basis of our Pet Care Model and it’s what makes our loving care so unique.

Friendship: The Genesis of our Care Model

No doubt, there are lots of hefty things to think about and aim for when opening a pet care business. From the beginning, Poochy’s aim has always been simple: to be a good and trustworthy friend. This friendship started, on a very personal level, with my own pets. There are many people who poo-poo anthropomorphism, but none of them have ever met my cat or know my dog. The fact remains, there were always things too beneath my cat to even consider and my dog understands me in a way that no one else does. My pets are a central part of my family. And that became the genesis of Poochy’s thought: revering that very personal space that our pets occupy in our hearts and ask the question: What do we want for our pets when we leave them in someone else’s care?

Here at The Poochy, that is our starting point: getting to know and love your pets as only you know and love them. We want to know what your pet’s life is like with you so that we can be their best friend in your absence. In fact, that’s Poochy’s motto: “Your Best Friend’s Friend.” At the end of the day, Poochy’s goal is to enrich your pet’s life by caring for them in all the many tender and delightful ways they deserve.