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Poochy Doos tries, whenever possible, to spread Sweetness and Light! Here’s a sampling of how we’ve been involved in local community outreach.

Do you have an event you’d like us to be involved in? Are you organizing a community outreach program to benefit the local pet-loving community? Please let us know! We love supporting our community!

Flower Pawer

Flower Pawer is sort of an on-going community outreach project we have going on at Animal House Rescue. We wanted to spread some sweetness and light and thought flowers would be a great addition to their rescue. We built redwood flower boxes and burned on their logo and some really cute dogs to boot! We then planted flowers donated by Bath House Nursery. The flower boxes add a very bright and cheerful touch to their entrance!

Ingnite Fort Collins

Although we’re too busy to speak at these events – yes, we have lots of funny pet sitting stories we could share – we support this great community outreach with giveaways.

My True Love

Oftentimes during the holidays folks get busy and forget to help all our pals over at Animal House Rescue. We do our best to try and drop off supplies for all the great dogs being sheltered at Animal House! With the help of our pet sitting team and clients, this community outreach is meant to identify and deliver specific items needed to care for the dogs and spread some holiday cheer!

Pets For People Food Drive

Everyone can use a helping hand (or paw) during the Holidays! While we always help pets in our community and support animal advocacy – we also love to support people in our local community. We do our best to help our local food bank whenever we can! This special community outreach cannot be done without the help of our professional pet care team and our caring clients!


“Sharing Good Ju Ju is like eating popcorn with your dog.”
-The Poochy