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The Poochy Team

  • Mary Watterson
    Mary Watterson
    Owner | CEO
  • Sloan Foley
    Sloan Foley
    Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide
  • Katie Kramer
    Katie Kramer
    Pet Sitter | Dog Walker
  • Mindy Sherwood
    Mindy Sherwood
    Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide
  • Janet Gavinski
    Janet Gavinski
    Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide
  • Lee Wunsch
    Lee Wunsch
    Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide
  • Dane Horne
    Dane Horne
    Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide
Mary Watterson
Owner | CEO

I recently moved back home to Fort Collins to be closer to my parents and soon realized pet sitting was for me! Having worked in the corporate world for years, I realized that the time I spent playing with my dogs was the most enjoyable part of my day. Whether we’re hiking the trails or playing Frisbee we’re all healthier and happier from having spent time together.

Although dogs and cats have always been and important part of my life, I hadn’t made the connection of just how fulfilling pet sitting was until I realized I enjoyed caring for my colleague’s pets more than my high-powered career. So, I chucked my career and began working on an idea to create a superior model of pet care.  After a year of research, I launched Poochy Doos, a uniquely “friendly” pet sitting, dog walking and dog hiking company. And I wasn’t the first person in my family to have this idea. My mom pioneered the field of professional pet care in the early 1970’s with her company Good Neighbor.

I firmly believe that there’s no better option than home-based pet sitting – and veterinarians agree! Pets get to enjoy their comfortable home surroundings rather than being subjected to unknown environments and all the risks they present. Likewise, they’re surrounded by all the familiar comforts of their own home, including toys, beds, sights, sounds, diet and even their family’s scent! No wonder veterinarians compare all the options and choose professional pet sitting for their own pets!

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends, being outdoors with my dogs, gardening, cooking, spinning/weaving, reading, writing, refurbishing drums, philosophy, sports, watching movies and dining out. As an avid musician, I also enjoy gigging whenever possible.

I encourage you to look into the many exciting services we offer and compare us to other pet care professionals. When you choose Poochy Doos, LLC you’re making a strong value choice. You’re choosing the very best care possible for your pets – hands down!

Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to meeting you!


  • Pet 1st Aid, American Red Cross, 2010
  • Canine/Feline C.P.R., American Red Cross, 2010
  • Working with Fearful-Agressive Dogs, Diane Ellis, 2011
  • Working with Rescue Dogs, Tracy Derheim, 2012
  • On-Leash Reactivity in Dogs, Tracy Derheim, 2012
  • Preventing Feline Inappropriate Elimination, Dr. Rebecca Ruch-Gallie, 2013
  • Behavioral Enrichment for Dogs, Harline Larkey, 2013
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  • Canine Trailside: First Aid & Safety for Dogs, Dr. Nicole Van Gurp, 2013
  • Understanding and Improving Interspecific Communication, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB, 2013
  • Play Between Dogs, Interspecific Play with People and Quality of Life, Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., Professor Emertus CU Boulder, 2013
  • Creating Healthy Relationships Between Human Families, Dogs and Cats, Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB, 2013
  • Cognition & Quality of Life, Julie Hecht, Ph.D., 2013
  • K9 Coach Certifiction, a K9 Wisdom Program by Cathie Lee, ABCDT, 2013
  • Top Behavioral Issues for Cats: Symptoms and Solutions, Dr. Jennie Willis, 2014
  • Animal Relinquishment and Training for Adoption, Jai Robichaud, 2014
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  • Social Learning in Dogs: A Study of Learning By Observation and Its Efficacy in Training by Jan Casey, 2014
  • Understanding End of Life Issues for Pets, 2014
  • Pet Tech, Pet 1st Aid & Canine/Feline CPR, 2014
  • Dog on Dog Aggression & Fighting by Dr. Ian Dunbar, 2015
Sloan Foley
Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide

Sloan Foley grew up in upstate New York and moved to sunny Colorado in 2008 where she quickly fit right in to the active, pet-loving community of Fort Collins.

Her love of animals grew quite literally from a little bug – keeping a prized palmetto bug comfortable, if not spoiled, in a “5-star” shoe box as a little girl. Soon there were gerbils, mice, leopard geckos, turtles, frogs, dogs and cats…and on and on!

Her love of animal care, as a career, blossomed when she was hired on at the equestrian barn where she was taking Western and English riding lessons. Her position at the facility deepened her knowledge of horses, dogs, chickens and even cows! In 2009 she adopted her first dog and in 2010 her first horse. Sloan quips, “If you swing by my house, you’ll find two dogs, two horses, four ferrets and their rescued girl, Sloan.”

A published poet, Sloan also has a great passion for Holistic Health Care and has completed her Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Holistic Health at FRC. Sloan continues expanding her knowledge of various holistic health care modalities as they relate to therapeutic animal care. Sloan has also volunteered her time at Animal Rescue of the Rockies and Hearts and Horses, as a foster mom.

In addition to pet sitting and dog walking, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, trail riding and traveling. Says Sloan: “I am looking forward to meeting all the wonderful pet parents in Fort Collins who utilize the great pet sitting services offered by Poochy Doos!”

Sloan is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter and Dog Walker and Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Sloan as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Team.


    • Reiki Level 1 Certification of Completion, 2013
    • Jin Shin Level 1/Practitioner, 2013
    • Jin Shin Level II/Practitioner, 2013
    • Penn Foster Natural Health Care for Pets Certificate of Completion, 2014
    • A.A.S. in Holistic Health, 2015
    • Pet 1st Aid, Canine & Feline CPR, Pet Tech 2015
Katie Kramer
Pet Sitter | Dog Walker

Katie Kramer was born and raised on a cattle and horse ranch in North Central Nebraska. Growing up on a working ranch afforded Katie many diverse experiences in taking care of all types of animals at all stages of life. “Dogs and cats were just a part of our daily life.” says Katie.

Working cattle dogs was an important routine of Katie’s life and her entire family became very adept at handling and caring for them. “When your livelihood depends on the health of your animals you learn to take great care of them and appreciate all they do,” said Katie.

When she wasn’t working, Katie spent tons of time playing with their many cats. Although Katie thinks all cats are cool, she has a special place in her heart for orange tabbies. Says Katie, “Our cats were such a big part of my life. They provided a lot of fun and laughter. Our dogs had a job with our cattle and our cats provided comic relief and mouse duty in the barn.” says Katie.

Katie’s brother has recently received national attention as Sheriff of Lincoln County for the innovative cat rehabilitation program he recently implemented at the Lincoln County Detention Center. Katie said: “Jerome is real proud of his cats! The cats are taking a lot of stress off the inmates and giving them new pride and purpose. It’s a toss up who’s benefitting the most, the cats or the inmates!” said Katie.

In addition to enjoying pet sitting and dog walking, Katie is an outpatient scheduler for Poudre Valley Health System. Says Katie, “PVHS is a great organization and it’s such a rewarding feeling knowing you’re helping other people.”

Katie is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter and Dog Walker. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Katie as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting team!


  • Feline CPR, Pet Tech 2012, 2014
  • Canine & Feline Pet 1st Aid, Pro Pet Hero, 2016
Mindy Sherwood
Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide

Mindy Sherwood moved to Fort Collins in 2010, where she has made her home and is enjoying life to the fullest. She fills her days drawing animals and spending time at home with her two dogs, six chickens, and cat.

Growing up, she has always enjoyed the company of pets and even at a young age she was training her family dog to do tricks and Agility obstacle courses. As she grew older, she volunteered for multiple animal rescues and shelters. She learned Clicker training, a fun positive reinforcement training technique, as a teenager and has honed her skills with dog training ever since.

In 2010 she moved to Fort Collins to attend school for dog grooming and graduated as a professional Pet Groomer. She worked as the sole groomer for a vet clinic for over a year before deciding to pursue her other passion in life; Art. Mindy is an accomplished artist focusing on animal art, cartoons, and pet portraits. She runs her own pet portrait business along with other freelance work and being the official artist for multiple online pet games.

Mindy has since continued working with animals, joining Animal House Rescue as a volunteer and becoming an Advanced K9 Coach through K9 Wisdom Training & Consulting, and continuing to volunteer her time and skills to help dogs in need.

When she is not working with dogs or drawing, Mindy spends her time learning as many crafty and animal-related things as possible. She has found enjoyment in gardening, sewing, knitting, hiking, dog agility, and dreaming about hobby farms.

Mindy is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker and Trail Guide. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Mindy as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Care Team!


    • K9 Coach Certification, a K9 Wisdom Program by Cathie Lee, ABCDT, 2012
    • Pet 1st Aid, Canine & Feline CPR, Pet Tech – 2014
    • CGC Certification, 2014
    • Social Learning in Dogs: A Study of Learning By Observation and Its Efficacy in Training by Jan Casey, 2014
    • Dog Emotion and Cognition, Duke University, 2015
    • Advanced K9 Coach, a K9 Wisdom Program by Cathie Lee, ABCDT, 2012-2016


Janet Gavinski
Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide

Janet Gavinski grew up in Wisconsin where she raised three great kids amongst a meager of dogs, cats, reptiles birds, and other creatures that captured the interest of her children. “My passion for animals started at a very young age,” says Janet. “It was only natural to share that enjoyment and appreciation with my kids.”

After completing a Veterinarian Assistant program, Janet moved to Fort Collins to be closer to family and friends. “I was also looking at Colorado Springs but Fort Collins has such a friendly vibe and active lifestyle; it just can’t be beat.”

Janet has volunteered at the Humane Society and has fostered many dogs and cats over the years. She is most proud of rehabilitating a rescue Greyhound, who eventually went on to receive her AKC CGS certification and became a very successful Therapy Dog.

In addition to her love of pet sitting and dog walking, Janet is also an accomplished equestrian. Her deep love of horses was nurtured on the trail during her four years as a trail guide. “I really enjoy working with and caring for horses, although I can’t have any of my own.”

“Caring for animals is such a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I know how much my own animals mean to me. Having the opportunity to give that same level of care to other people’s pets is truly a privilege. I’m very happy to be a member of the Poochy Doos, LLC care team!”

Janet Gavinski is a Fort Collins Pet Sitter and Dog Walker. Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Janet as a member of our Professional Pet Sitting Team.


  • Pet 1st Aid, Canine & Feline CPR, Pet Tech 2015
Lee Wunsch
Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide

Lee hails from Iowa where she grew up on farms. When she was in her early teens, her family moved to the Colorado Mountains where they lived on working ranches, before finally settling in Fort Collins.

“I have always had animals in my life and could not imagine life without them,“ says Lee. From helping her Grandpa with newborn calves to working with horses, her life has been full of animals. “Living on farms, dogs have always played a huge roll in my life,” says Lee.

Although Lee has typically adopted dogs, she recently started a new hobby of showing dogs! She has found that having a show dog has brought her the perfect work-life balance. Her dogs keep her company while she works and also let her know when it’s time to take a break and unwind with some fun play time.

When Lee is not pet sitting and dog walking for Poochy Doos, she enjoys volunteering at rescues, taking walks with her dogs, going to classes, exploring local haunts and meeting new people.  Lee also owns and operates her own bookkeeping service in the Fort Collins/Loveland area.

“I am super excited to be working with Poochy Doos, LLC and I’m looking forward to helping pet parents care for their kids. I know the importance of good care and how important it is to trust the people who are caring for your pets,” says Lee.

Lee is a Fort Collins and Loveland Pet Sitter and Dog Walker. Poochy  Doos is proud to have Lee as a part of The Poochy Care Team.

Dane Horne
Pet Sitter | Dog Walker | Trail Guide

Animal companions have always been a major passion in Dana’s life. Dana grew up in the Midwest believing that dogs and cats can truly be our best of friends. Says Dana, “When we treat our pets right – they love us unconditionally, without expectations. What a gift!”

College brought Dana to Colorado in 1981 and she’s never looked back. She has been blessed with a dog in nearly every phase of her life, from raising Labradors, to training her German Shepherd – and now with her current love, “Roo” an adopted Dingo/Red Heeler mix. After college, dana spent over a decadeI working in the corporate world for a companion animal pharmaceutical company.

Dana realized that she’d be much happier actually being with companion animals, rather than marketing for them. Dana signed up for K9 Wisdom Training and Consulting’s handling/behavior course and began volunteering with Animal House Rescue & Grooming. Shortly thereafter, fate brought Dana and Poochy Doos, LLC together at an Animal House Rescue event, where she was volunteering.

Says Dana, “My life has taken the path it was meant to. I believe that when you direct your energy towards what you want, it finds you. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Poochy Doos family! This is an amazing adventure. Thank you for trusting in me to care for your pets as though they were my own.”

Dana is a Pet Sitter and Dog Walker in Fort Collins and Poochy Doos, LLC is proud to have Dana as a part of our Professional Pet Sitting Care Team!


K9 Coach, K9 Wisdom Training & Consulting 2016
First Aid & CPR For Pets, ProPetHero, 2017

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