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Pet Mentoring

The Pet Mentoring program is all about helping you be a great pet parent. It was designed with experts in the field of shelter management, adoption and canine behavior-based training.

Our goal is to reduce recidivism in shelters and educate pet parents – all while giving rescues the opportunity to receive additional funds.

100% of profits go to the eligible Rescue of your choice!

| $50.00 – Fort Collins Only

You’ll Learn About

  • Canine Health & Fitness
  • Community Facts & Resources
  • Relationship Building

You’ll Receive

  • An in-home personal consultation
  • 30-days free phone-support
  • The satisfaction of saving lives by further supporting a local rescue

Eligible Rescues

At the time of scheduling, you can select which of the below organizations you’d like to receive the profits from our service:


“Helping pets find their homes is like knowing where your heart lives.”
– The Poochy –