Poudre Trail – Dog Hiking

12.10 miles of paved and soft surface trail

The Poudre Trail is a beautiful, scenic trail that follows the Poudre River for over 12 miles with easy access from several locations throughout Fort Collins. One of our most popular dog walking excursions, the trail currently runs between the Overland Trail at Lyons Park and the Environmental Learning Center on East Drake.

Dog Hikes Poudre TrailThe trail is incredibly popular for commuters around town, people exercising, and people who enjoy walking their dogs.

The trail is so scenic, it’s easy to forget that you’re in an urban setting, never more than a couple miles from town.

The area from Lions Park to Lee Martinez Park is the most open section of the trail and provides great views of the Poudre River and the mountains to the west. Cell phone coverage is good and the trail is generally well maintained throughout the winter by the City of Fort Collins.

The city plans by 2011 to connect up with the 20 miles of the Poudre River Trail that already exists between Greeley and Windsor, which would create over 30 miles of dog-friendly trail connecting all three cities.

This is a very scenic trail to walk your dog with lots of new sights, smells and sounds. Additionally, the Poudre River has many placid areas along the trail offering ample opportunity for your dog to participate in Paw Splash. This is our most popular tail wagging trail. Your dog will love this dog hike!

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