Power Trail – Dog Hiking

2.5 Miles of paved trail

dog walking power trailThis scenic Fort Collins trail follows the west side of the Union Pacific Railroad south from Edora Park to south of Harmony Road via Golden Meadows Park and McMurry Avenue.

This is a dog-friendly park, offering both paved and dirt trails for dog walking fans.

The Power Trail offers some smaller hills, unlike some city trails which tend to be very flat. This trail is frequented by friendly dog lover, bikers and joggers, and is maintained year-round by the city of Fort Collins.

This Power Trail is funded by the Lottery and will eventually hook up to the Loveland trail system further south. The trail is a great place to walk your dog, relax and unwind.

There are no trail use fees and cell phone coverage and trail visibility are very good. Please keep your dog on a short lead and be cautious of bikers. There is a lot of traffic on this well-used trail.

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