A Fort Collins Dog Hiking Series, Foothills Paw Trail

Elevation: 5,600
1 mile

Dog Walking shoreline trail This is an easy to moderate one-mile hike that leads down to Horsetooth Reservoir. Popular with mountain bikers and the Fort Collins dog walking community, this comfortable hike offers huge open spaces, with beautiful panoramic vistas.
True to its name, the Shoreline trail is a stunningly beautiful hike that follows the shoreline of Horsetooth Reservoir. Along the way you’ll be greeted by fantastic scenery including abundant wildlife. Look for fox and their kits in the spring in dens among the rocky ridges. The red sandstone cliffs offer a picturesque background to grassy meadows where you’ll find deer grazing in the evening.

Dogs must be in control at all time with a short lead not to exceed six feet. Keep a direct line of sight to your dog and upcoming terrain at all times, particularly when climbing over rocks and grassy bluffs.

An ample supply of water is recommended for you and your dog, as well as an adequate first aid kit.

To access the trail head, take the park road just beyond the Eltuck Picnic Area and follow the signs to the parking area on the left-hand side of the road. See the Trail Map here.

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